Infant Soothing at Home

Mini Orthodontic Soother

Newborn soother

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

Developed for tiny babies, this small soother fits newborns perfectly. Its plastic/silicone construction, lightweight shield, and security ring handle make it the logical choice for newborns and babies to 2 months.

Designed for the youngest || Infant soothing

Designed for the youngest

An exceptional bridge from hospital to home, this soother fits the newborn mouth perfectly, without touching the nose. To support an infant’s innate nonnutritive sucking response, it can be introduced at the earliest stages, and used through two months of age.
Tiny, lightweight, and strong || Infant soothing

Tiny, lightweight, and strong

The Mini Orthodontic Soother is the smallest soother of the Philips Avent line that you can recommend to parents. The lightweight shield with airflow holes keeps a newborn’s delicate skin cool. A security ring handle allows for quick removal at any time. Simple, rugged construction means it is dishwasher and sterilizer safe.
Medical grade silicone || Infant soothing

Medical grade silicone

Teats for the Mini Orthodontic Soother are made from a very strong, high-quality, medical grade silicone and not manufactured with BPA, DEHP, or natural rubber latex. Quality controls are put in place to ensure clean manufacturing conditions. Silicone is far more durable than latex in hot water, and is more suitable for dishwasher and sterilizer use.
Orthodontic teat || Infant soothing

Orthodontic teat

The orthodontic teat is flat, symmetrical and drop-shaped, so even if the pacifier ends upside down in the mouth there is no ill effect. The teat is designed to be taste and odor free so it is more likely to be accepted by baby.
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