Digital pathology

Enter a new era of efficiency and patient care with the transformation to digital pathology

Pressure is rising on pathologists to meet growing caseloads and to address the ever-present need for timely, precise diagnosis. Digital workflows allow for new levels of collaboration among pathology, oncology and radiology. With the largest digital pathology installed base in the world, the Philips proven and scalable solution combines hardware, software and storage. This digital pathology solution can be integrated with enterprise-wide IT infrastructure and AI capabilities*, allowing for cost-effective productivity and efficiency gains**.

Accelerate the path

Maximize the value of your investment

The benefits of more convenient image scanning and viewing don’t have to come with sticker shock. Most Philips digital pathology customers see a return on investment (ROI) in just two years*

To get started, a variety of financing options are available, beyond traditional capital purchase. Philips Capital offers a range of financial models to choose from, so you can benefit from improved diagnostic accuracy and optimized cashflow predictability. Our experts are ready to provide a custom consultation for your business and can even help calculate your projected ROI with Philips systems.

*Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions


    IntelliSite Image Management System  

    Consisting of a pathology viewer and a server and storage application, IntelliSite Image Management System (IMS) is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your pathology lab. The open, scalable design and new user interface integrate into your workflow and IT infrastructure environment. The IMS manages image repositories – including whole slide images (WSI) and gross images – and comprehensive LIS integration, networking, security, audit trail and archiving capabilities. Easy access to information and resources can enhance digital case review.

Survey video

If you leave the microscope behind, would you ever go back?

Not many would. In a survey of 52 pathologists, 100% of them said that going digital helps reach diagnostic consensus and that they would never go back to non-digital.1 With our pathology slide scanners, the Image Management System (IMS) and a comprehensive set of software tools and capabilities, you can easily connect with supporting sub-specialists around the world on the quest for quick and confident diagnostic decisions that enhance patient care.

Scanner application

What can Philips digital pathology do for you?

The Philips digital pathology solution facilitates more efficient, remote and collaborative ways of working. Pathologists have seen efficiency gains of up to 15-25% per case from making the digital transition.2 Going digital helps reach diagnostic consensus.3 Working digitally can also help address the world’s acute shortage of trained pathologists.

Gain insights

An open platform for secure digital pathology image sharing

Interoperability with third-party AI applications aids AI-enabled digital pathology workflows, increasing efficiency for your organization. For example, 35 pathology labs are already using the Philips pathology solution in combination with the Ibex Medical Analytics Galen AI diagnostics platform. This combined solution has been shown to result in productivity gains of up to 37%.4

Connect your teams

More collaborative decision-making

See what more than 300 customers and over 20 hospital pathology laboratories have learned about going fully digital with the Philips solution. It facilitates collaboration with clinical teams through remote consultation, real-time case sharing and multidisciplinary discussions.

Pathology Scanner SG series

How easy is the transition to digital?

Philips offers a proven track record bringing together planning, integration, education and optimization services that ensure a smooth and effective implementation. In fact, a survey at a major digital pathology lab found that most lab staff felt fully accustomed to Philips digital pathology systems in one week or less.1 Philips digital pathology scanners are designed for high throughput and a first-time-right rate of 99.5%1 for fast turnaround for your lab.

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[1] Survey of 52 pathologists, lab managers and lab technicians in Europe, 2018.
[2} KLAS Research ‘US Digital Pathology 2023’ Performance Insights.
[3]Sarfati D, Gurney J. Preventing cancer: the only way forward. The Lancet, August 2022, 400(10352):540-541. DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(22)01430-1.
[4] Philips digital pathology solution in combination with Ibex Medical Analytics’ Galen™ AI diagnostics platform: Raoux, et al. Modern Pathology (2021) 34 (suppl 2): 598-599.

Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution (PIPS) is 510k pending.
PIPS can be used for in vitro diagnostic purposes. The system can aid pathologists to review and interpret digital images of surgical pathology slides prepared from formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue. PIPS is not available for sale in all countries.
*PIPS enables iSyntax files and with the Software Development Kit (SDK) third-party companies can use this for AI capabilities.
**Philips’ pathology solution in combination with Ibex Medical Analytics’ Galen™ AI diagnostics platform, which generates objective, reproducible results, increases diagnostic confidence, and enables productivity and efficiency improvements.

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