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Philips Distributor Contacts

As a focused Health Technology leader, our goal is to improve the lives of 3 billion people by 2030. To reach this ambitious goal we collaborated with successful distributors to deliver the same level of excellence and customer satisfaction. On this page, you can search for the Philips distributors in your region.
  • Επιλογές ταξινόμησης
  • Αποτελέσματα ανά σελίδα
  • Country
  • Company
  • Email
  • Address
  • City
  • Provides Services (Y/N)
  • Product Categories
Greece Santair SA 41, Agamemnonos str.,Athens Athens Yes
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Therapeutic Care
  • Sleep Respiratory Care
Greece MEDICVIEW Saliverou, 8,15123,Maroussi Maroussi Yes
  • Ultrasound
Greece Igiasi SA 19, Pigis Avenue,15127,Melissia, Athens Melissia, Athens Yes
Greece Ducasco Dourmousoglou s.a. 43 K. Katara Street ,13671,Acharnes Acharnes Yes
Greece PAVLAKIS GIORGOS Fanarioy 48,26226,PATRA PATRA Yes
  • Ultrasound
Cyprus Medvision Ltd., The Medical Solutions Company 13 PROPILEON STREET, STROVOLOS INDUSTRIAL AREA, 2033 STROVOLOS II,1096,26858,1648 NICOSIA,Nicosia Nicosia Yes
  • IGT Systems
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Ultrasound
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • IGT Devices
  • Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics
  • CC Informatics
  • Sleep Respiratory Care
  • Precision Diagnosis Other
  • BG HSDP HTS and EM
  • IGT Other
  • Precision Diagnosis Solutions
  • Therapeutic Care
Cyprus Dispopharm Ltd. 22c Demonstheni Severi Avenue Ayioi omologites,1680,Nicosia Nicosia Yes
Cyprus Cyprus Pharmaceutical Organization Ltd | φαρμακεuτικη Οργανωσης Κυπρου Ltd 11, King Paul A' Street P.O.Box. 21005 ,1500,Nicosia Nicosia Yes
Cyprus Dispopharm Ltd. | Spectranetics 22c Demonstheni Severi Avenue Ayioi omologites ,1680 ,Nicosia Nicosia Yes

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