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Are you a biomed, IT manager, technologist or healthcare professional looking to drive better performance of your Philips (and multi-vendor) fleet across modalities anytime, anywhere?


Stay on top of your service performance, uptime and utilization by managing your fleet and service, system and case status with the Customer Services Portal. Use it to:

Self-manage and track your service KPIs

Keep your system requirements up to date and under control

Manage your system uptime anytime, anywhere

Elevating your customer service experience


Our helpful service management platform makes it easy for you to identify systems requiring attention, schedule maintenance, find contracts, search and upload documentation and work reports and request service or support. Intuitive to use and optimized and updated regularly, use the portal to:

  • Manage your entire fleet and system needs 24/7 in one place.
  • Register digital cases quickly and easily and find case reports, manuals, contracts, warranties across all modalities.
  • Plan and manage maintenance, schedule visits and analyze, track and manage service performance and your system’s health.
  • Add or remove products from your fleet overview, easy set, track and favorite installed products as well as view the end-of-life status of your products.

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Customer Services Portal for mobile

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Did you know that you can also access your Customer Services Portal via your smartphone? It’s a handy option for key services like creating a case, some functionalities are not available yet. Scan the QR code to get started.

Portal questions answered

How many people in my organization can have access?

Great news! There’s no limit on the number of users that your organization can have configured to use the customer services portal. To add more users, do one of the following - 

1. Direct them to signup via the online form.

2. If you already have access to the portal and have the permission to manage
users, you may simply click “Create user” under the manage contacts page.

Can I get trained on how to better navigate and use the Customer Services Portal?

Yes! You’ll find a pre-recorded training session available here. We will also invite all users monthly to attend a demo session where we'll walk you through all portal features and conduct a live Q&A session. Look out for your invite via email after gaining portal access.

I am looking for software updates for cardiology products and patient monitoring products or technical manuals and product lifecycle updates. Can I find these in the Customer Services Portal?

No, you’ll find these in InCenter. You can access that here. InCenter provides an enhanced document distribution platform including a majority of the service information you will need to support your Philips medical systems and devices. 

How do I request support and send my device for bench repair using the Customer Services Portal?

Log in to the portal. Click on “Create a new case” and fill out the required information about your device and detail the issue you are facing. Make sure that you enter the bench repair details in the case description. Submit the case and be sure to note down the case number that is generated. Fill out the appropriate PDF form for your device from one of these links: 

·        MX40 bench repair form

·        US bench repair form (all except MX40 and halters)

·        All Philips sleep and respiratory products bench repair form


Once you’ve selected the appropriate form, fill out the PDF form with your personal and device information, including the case number that you received. Sign digitally or print and then scan the bench form. Upload the completed and signed PDF form to your case in the portal by clicking on “Add attachment” under your case details. Pack your device securely and include a copy of the completed and signed PDF form with your shipment. Send your device to the address provided on the form using a trackable shipping method.


As an option, you can also add the tracking number of your shipment as a case activity on your case in the portal, by clicking on “Add activity” under your case details.


Track the status of your case and engage with Philips experts in the portal. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us via the portal. We’re here to help.

How do I request a part ID using the Customer Service Portal?

Select the installed product/site ID of the product that requires the part. Create a case in the Portal and attach a clear photo of the part. Read this short instruction here for clarification. 


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