Achieva Refurbished 1.5 t MR Scanner

Achieva 1.5T - DS

Refurbished 1.5 t MR Scanner

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

The Diamond Select Achieva 1.5T helps you to do more in every way. Fast exams, a wide application range, and enhanced workflow are just some of the results. Exceptional quality in challenging applications, across virtually all patients.

8, 16, or 32 channels

8, 16, or 32 channels to suit your needs

The Diamond Select Achieva 1.5T allows you to choose the number of channels you need.

SENSE as standard in parallel imaging

SENSE can be combined with virtually every scan method for clinical benefits such as reduced scan times, higher temporal resolution and enhanced spatial resolution.
Scalable platform

Scalable platform for high return on investment

The scalable design of the Achieva platform means that only software upgrades and minimal hardware changes are all you need to scale up your clinical capabilities, providing an economical path to keep your system up to date.
Refurbishment process

Refurbishment process provides like-new condition

Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades. To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough refurbishment process.
Choose your gradients

Choose your gradients for optimum performance

The system is available with Pulsar gradient (amplitude 33 mT/m, slew rate 80 mT/m/ms), Nova gradient (33/160), and Nova Dual gradient (33/160 or 66/80).
FreeWave for fast scanning

FreeWave for fast scanning

With modular 32-channel architecture, FreeWave is designed to handle the large data streams of high resolution imaging (with matrices up to 2k x 2k), 4D-TRAK, k-t BLAST and other acceleration methods deliver fast scanning.