Obstetrics & gynecology ultrasound

Confident obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound imaging

Our obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) ultrasound solutions provide exceptional imaging for confident decision-making, end-to-end workflow efficiency for both clinicians and patients, and expanded imaging access and collaboration when and where needed – all with a trusted partner that you can rely on.

Diagnostic confidence through every phase of a woman’s life

Diagnostic confidence through every phase of a woman’s life

Providing confident evaluation for women throughout their lives rests on identifying issues early to guide the patient journey, whether during pregnancy, in the course of their regular gynecological care, or when addressing fertility issues. Our ultrasound innovations are designed to assist clinicians in both efficient routine screening and care and in detecting abnormalities to support effective treatment.

EPIQ Elite Ultrasound system - designed for a premium experience.

Designed for a premium experience

The EPIQ Elite system delivers exceptional frame rates, uniformity and penetration, with powerful features like Flow Viewer for 3D-like rendering of flow imaging data to help better visualize fetal vessels and fetal heart structures, MicroFlow Imaging High Definition (MFI-HD) to detect low-volume, low-velocity blood flow found in fetal, placental, uterine and ovarian vasculature, and TrueVue Pro 3D for photorealistic fetal images. Next Gen AutoScan reduces button pushes for greater efficiency.

Compact 5000 series for OB/GYN imaging

Premium is now compact

The Compact 5000 Series brings outstanding ultrasound directly to patients, with simplified transport and maneuverability in small spaces. The shared imaging architecture and transducers across our premium platforms brings performance that allows you to see important structures in crisp detail, even for technically challenging body types. Innovative tools for obstetrics assist in biometric measurements and simplify 3D volume acquisition, enhancing confidence while supporting efficient workflow.

Lumify handheld ultrasound brings exceptional ultrasound capabilities to the palm of your hand

Exceptional ultrasound capabilities in the palm of your hand

Lumify handheld ultrasound makes it easy to bring imaging to wherever your patients are, including remote or underserved areas without access to cart-based ultrasound. You can quickly calculate gestational age and fetal weight with a simple four-measurement technique based on Hadlock (1985) growth table. With compatible devices, the system can scan for up to five hours,* and Philips Reacts technology enables instant, face-to-face collaboration with off-site colleagues.

Philips FetView is a secure, cloud-based solution for OB/GYN patient management

Designed for simplicity. For you and your patients.

Philips FetView is a secure, cloud-based solution for patient management and document sharing for OB/GYN professionals. It imports images, videos and measurements from your ultrasound devices via a secure DICOM connection and lets you generate reports, sketches and fetal growth curves. As a communication and collaboration platform, FetView allows you to connect and share information with colleagues and with patients via the myFetView application.

Technologies and innovations

  • eL18-4 PureWave transducer

    Discover Philips eL18-4 transducer – an ultra high-frequency linear transducer that incorporates PureWave technology with fine-elevation focusing capability.

  • Philips Collaboration Live

    Experience real-time collaboration, remote support and education with Collaboration Live.

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