Wireless Monitoring Solutions Telemetry device

Wireless Monitoring Solutions IntelliVue Telemetry System (2.4 GHz)

Telemetry device

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

Philips IntelliVue Telemetry System with advanced smart-hopping technology (2.4 GHz)* offers surveillance of ambulatory cardiac patients, maintaining clear connections between the IntelliVue Information Center and telemetry devices.

Common wireless infrastructure

Common wireless infrastructure for reliable, secure connection

The 2.4 GHz IntelliVue Telemetry System operates in the ISM band, requiring some frequency management. The Philips wireless infrastructure supports wireless bedside monitoring and telemetry. This gives hospitals the benefit of a shared infrastructure that protects sensitive patient monitoring transmissions from enterprise network traffic.
Smart-hopping technology

Smart-hopping technology for clear connection

The transceiver will change frequencies only to dodge interference or when it finds a stronger signal. Smart-hopping technology also manages bandwidth so efficiently that the IntelliVue Telemetry System is highly scalable, supporting up to 1,028 transceivers or wireless bedside monitors.
Device location

Device location prevents interruptions to care

Hospitals typically lose 10-20% of their telemetry devices each year, and the ripple effect of down beds extends to the ICU, OR, and ED. Device location helps hospitals contain equiplent costs and prevent interruptions to care.

WTAAP for untethered in-room access

Wireless telemetry as a parameter (WTAAP) expands monitoring capabilities to provide untethered in-room access to ECG/SpO2 data in near-real time. Wirelessly connect the transceiver to the IntelliVue MP5, MP5T, MMS X2, or MP2 to view patient data and other parameters.
Compact, lightweight design

Compact, lightweight design improves patient mobility

Compact, lightweight design improves patient mobility
Audible feedback

Audible feedback keeps patients up to date

The transceiver gives an audible notification when SpO2 spot checks are performed or when a patient moves out of range.
Monitoring auto-resume

Monitoring auto-resume reduces downtime

When a device comes back into network range, monitoring resumes automatically.
Coexists with other networks

Coexists with other networks for maximum effectiveness

The IntelliVue Telemetry System wireless network does not interfere with signals from the UHF Philips Telemetry System or 802.11 networks in the same space.
2 V-leads with 6-wire ECG

2 V-leads with 6-wire ECG for improved tachycardia assessment

2 V-leads with 6-wire ECG for improved tachycardia assessment