IntelliVue Early warning scoring solution

IntelliVue Guardian Solution

Early warning scoring solution

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

Up to 17% of patients in the medical surgical areas of the hospital experience an unexpected complication. But which ones?1 The IntelliVue Guardian Solution and Early Warning Scoring can help you identify patients at risk of deterioration.

Automated Early Warning Score

Automated Early Warning Score helps prevent treatment delays

The EWS movement helps doctors, nurses, and staff detect subtle signs of deterioration, assisting with early intervention. IntelliVue Guardian Solution allows you to see early warning scores right in the spot-check monitor, giving you all the information you need, at the point of care.
Full detection system

Full detection system provides all necessary information

IntelliVue Guardian System neatly integrates all components of a patient monitoring system. The IntelliVue Guardian Software is the core of the solution, and receives vital patient information from patient monitors. IntelliBridge Enterprise connects the system to hospital enterprise systems such as EMR and ADT, and IntelliSpace Event Management sends critical communications to the caregiver's mobile device.
Detects deviations

Detects deviations to spot subtle signs of deterioration

The system detects significant deviations in a patient's vital signs readings, and automatically verifies the accuracy of the data by performing reassurance measurements at customized intervals.
Configurable action list

Configurable action list follows the institution's protocol

IntelliVue Guardian Solution is flexible, allowing each institution to choose parameters and thresholds to match their own scoring criteria. A configurable action list provides the caregiver with instant recommendations according to the institution's protocol.Your institution, your rules.
Informs responsible clinicians

Informs responsible clinicians for early, effective intervention

IntelliSpace Event Management integrates with the IntelliVue Guardian Solution to send a notification to the caregiver's mobile device if a patient's condition changes. Clinicians receive actionable information on a mobile device to improve communication and response at the right point of need —regardless of caregiver location.
Value Added Services

Value Added Services assist with implementation

Philips offers integration and implementation services for exceptional operation.
Triggers escalation protocols

Triggers escalation protocols for rapid response

IntelliVue Guardian EWS helps allow fast activation and intervention of the institution's rapid response or escalation system when appropriate.

Standardization helps you excel during reviews

IntelliVue Guardian Solution helps you standardize care and meet the Joint Commission goals. It smooths workflow, reduces errors, and assists with connectivity and compliance review.
  • 1 Bellomo R, Goldsmith D, Russell S, Uchino S. Postoperative serious adverse events in a teaching hospital: a prospective study. Med J Aust. 2002: 176:216-218.