eAcute program Telehealth for the medical/surgical unit

eAcute program

Telehealth for the medical/surgical unit

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

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Program features and services || eACUTE

Program features and services

The eAcute program supports clinical teams and the important decisions they make when caring for medical/surgical patients; helping provide an added level of attention and care when it matters most, and improve clinical outcomes¹ and lower costs ¹.
Essential, real-time physician suppor... || eACUTE

Essential, real-time physician support

On-demand access to patient information and two-way audiovisual technology facilitate clinician collaboration and patient observation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Data-driven alert system || eACUTE

Data-driven alert system

eAcute provides continuous monitoring of each patient using clinical algorithms. When a patient’s condition deteriorates, staff is alerted; providing the most at-risk patients receive the team’s timely attention.
Proprietary algorithms || eACUTE

Proprietary algorithms

Clinical decision support algorithms detect deteriorating patient condition and ensure care-delivery resources are most-efficiently allocated across the unit based on patient need.
A proven, scalable methodology || eACUTE

A proven, scalable methodology

eAcute leverages the same eCareManager technology and care model as Philips’ industry-leading eICU telehealth program, optimized to manage medical/surgical patient populations.
Implementation services || eACUTE

Implementation services

Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical and technical professionals delivers a range of services from strategic planning through systems integration and training.
Training and support || eACUTE

Training and support

Our eAcute program includes clinical training, workshops, standardized processes and 24/7 helpdesk diagnostics, to successfully guide and potentially improve your program.
  • 1. Jenkins CL, et al. Positive Deviance: Introducing eICU Technology to the Medical Surgical Patient Population. Banner Health. Nov. 2010.