fullAccess Improve physician efficiency


Improve physician efficiency

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

fullAccess is a Windows*-based radiotherapy data display, communication and analysis platform that enables clinicians to quickly and easily access, analyze and share patient information and treatment data, virtually anytime, anywhere.

Collaboration facilitator

Streamline workflow & enhance clinical review collaboration

Users can annotate, package and share images and treatment plans with clinicians and other stakeholders inside and outside the clinic. Annotate plans and images with comments and consistent view settings. Package plans and images with MS Word, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, or audio/video files, etc. Share with encryption or anonymization in a Windows* environment.
Benchmarking tools

Streamline plan evaluation and promote plan quality

Automatically extract user-defined metrics, generate custom reports, and benchmark plans against historical performance. Maintain, update and share custom evaluation reports. Develop user-definable review templates. Create metrics and graphs for organized and comprehensive reporting.
Radiotherapy plan viewer

Multi-vendor visualization provides flexible RTP data access

Clinicians can review images and treatment plans for all delivery devices and planning systems from any standard PC. View RT image, structure set, dose. Display CT, MR, PET, CBCT, and fused DICOM image sets. Supports Pinnacle³ and other DICOM-RT-based treatment planning systems.