OptiVent Spacers and holding chambers

OptiVent In-Line MDI Spacer

Spacers and holding chambers

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

OptiVent in-line MDI spacer is designed to optimize drug delivery, reduce fluid accumulation, and optimize value and ease of use. It delivers convenience for healthcare professionals and better outcomes for their patients.

Optimizes drug delivery || Optimizes drug delivery

Optimizes drug delivery

Increased fine particle dose output for better patient outcomes.
Ventilator Compatibility || Convenient and practical

Ventilator Compatibility for ease of use

OptiVent has a 22 mm ID connector on the patient end and a 22 mm OD connector on the ventilator end. It can be used in a ventilator circuit without manipulation or expansion. OptiVent is designed for easy and stable canister insertion and actuation.
MDI Canister Compatibility || Convenient and practical

MDI Canister Compatibility for wide range of patients

OptiVent's MDI port is compatible with most currently available MDI canisters.
Reduction of Fluid Accumulation || Convenient and practical

Reduction of Fluid Accumulation for longer continuous use

Less fluid accumulation reduces or eliminates the number of times the vent circuits must be opened for drainage.
Quality-control inspection || Convenient and practical

Quality-control inspection maintains high standards

100% of OptiVent units are quality-control inspected at the factory before shipment.
Made of polypropylene || Convenient and practical

Made of polypropylene for impact resistance

Made of polypropylene for impact resistance
Latex free

Latex free for sensitive patients

Latex free for sensitive patients
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  • 6.0" in
  • 1.4" in
  • 22 (0.6) grams (oz)