Efficia Microstream CO₂ Module


Microstream CO₂ Module

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

Efficia Microstream (Oridion technology) CO₂ module 863335 for use with Efficia CM patient monitors that support rack functionality (CM12, CM120 and CM150). The microstream measurement method samples the respiratory gas with a constant flow from the patient’s airway and analyzes it with a remote CO₂ sensor built into the monitor.

Hospital Versatility

Hospital Versatility

Using Oridion Microstream technology, the Efficia CO2 module offers the flexibility to allow clinicians to move the module between monitors. It’s easy: simply remove the module and insert it into another Efficia monitor/rack.


Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Flow Rate
  • 50 ml/min, +15 ml/min, -7.5 ml/min
Respiration Rate Range
  • 0–150 rpm
Measurement Range
  • 0–150 mmHg