Device Management Dashboard Remote monitor diagnostics

Device Management Dashboard

Remote monitor diagnostics

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

The Philips Device Management Dashboard lets you remotely diagnose problems and technical alarms on select Philips patient monitors. You can view device configuration, approximate location, network connection, and error log – all from your PC or mobile device.

Inspiring confidence

Remote diagnosis for quick action

The Device Management Dashboard lets your IT and biomedical teams view your SureSigns VS3 and VS4, Efficia CM series, and EarlyVue VS30 monitors from virtually anywhere, allowing for remote diagnosis of technical issues and alarms. Technicians receive alarms at remote networked locations, helping you to feel confident that your devices are performing to your hospital’s standards.
Remote management of devices

Web-based access puts you in control

The Dashboard helps your team remotely manage and maintain your wireless and wired devices. Centralized software upgrades, for one device or all devices at the same time, within a care unit or across a distributed enterprise means your team can save valuable steps when maintaining your systems.
Quick alerts can speed response

Routine maintenance made easy

Alerting service representatives to potential technical problems quickly when the device malfunctions is like having a full-time IT technician at your side. Power management updates, software upgrade pushes and error log data downloads can all be done remotely, saving valuable time and steps when routine maintenance is required.
On-site hosting, web-based access

Flexible network configurations serve your facility’s needs

Web-based access to current technical and network status serves your team’s needs. On-site hosting offers convenient diagnostics for technical problems on your devices. Your team receives nearly instant feedback from remote device and network information. The ability to have multiple simultaneous dashboard users speeds the troubleshooting process in the event of an issue.