Achieva MR System

Philips Achieva 3.0T X-series MR system combines simple operation with fast scanning and superb image quality. It offers an extremely broad clinical reach from routine head, spine and musculoskeletal imaging to the most advanced exams.

X-series gradient system

X-series gradient system for industry-leading performance

The exclusive X-series Quasar and Quasar Dual gradient systems offer industry-leading performance with excellent linearity to match a large 50 cm FOV. The Quasar Dual gradient system enables two performance levels with gradient amplitudes up to 80 mT/m or slew rates up to 200 mT/m/ms.
Dedicated SENSE coils

Dedicated SENSE coils expand clinical reach

Our wide range of dedicated, anatomy-specific SENSE coils make optimal use of the signal-to-noise offered by the 3T MRI magnet. Advanced application software and the power of FreeWave add the broadest degree of clinical functionality to meet today’s most demanding clinical needs.

FreeWave for ultra-fast scanning

With modular 32-channel architecture, FreeWave is designed to handle the large data streams of ultra-high resolution imaging (with matrices up to 2k x 2k). 4D-TRAK, k-t BLAST and other acceleration methods deliver ultra-fast scanning.

SENSE the gold standard in parallel imaging

SENSE can be combined with virtually every scan method for clinical benefits such as reduced scan times, higher temporal resolution and enhanced spatial resolution.

ExamCards give you quick, easy and consistent MRI exams

An ExamCard contains all the scans required for a complete MR examination in one easy-to-use file that can be downloaded directly into a Philips MRI scanner. The easy way to eliminate the dead time of loading protocols and planning scans.

SmartExam brings consistency and reproducibility

SmartExam is a huge step forward in simplifying brain, spine and knee exams. It provides fully automated planning, scanning and processing in a single click for about 70% of your typical daily caseload.
X-series integrated body coil

X-series integrated body coil for extra quality and speed

The advanced design of the new X-series integrated RF body coil delivers high SNR, low SAR, minimal dielectric effects and excellent RF uniformity. This unique combination enables excellent body imaging and ultra-fast scanning without SAR limitations.

MultiTransmit for uniform contrast, speed, consistency

MultiTransmit technology overcomes dielectric shading by using simultaneous (parallel) transmissions from multiple RF sources. It automatically optimizes the power, amplitude, phase, and waveform for optimal RF uniformity.