Access Dual CT Access to CT is now yours

Access Dual CT

Access to CT is now yours

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

New Access Dual CT from Philips is an affordable way to advance patient care, helping you get the most from every day. Access the world of crosssectional imaging with a wide range of clinical applications, high image quality at low dose, and ultra-high resolution.

Clinical integration and collaboratio... || Clinical integration and colla

Clinical integration and collaboration

Ultra-high resolution scanning1024 matrix Small focal spot provides high resolution to enhance image quality (up to 16l p/cm) High-pitch scanning without sacrificing image quality Enhanced visualization of critical structures in patients with metal implants with MAR
Patient focus || Patient focus

Patient focus

Comprehensive set of dose tools built on Philips longstanding DoseWise philosophy High image quality at low dose Comprehensive applications for routine imaging
Improved economic value || Improved economic value

Improved economic value

Compact system with one of the industry’s smallest footprints High throughput with wide coverage and high pitch (2 cm DMS) Fast reconstruction speeds up to 10 IPS Training, service, and financing options* to help get the most value from your investment