Respironics AF541 Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) mask

Respironics AF541

Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) mask

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

Designed to deliver high-quality noninvasive ventilation while resting comfortably on the face, Philips Respironics AF541 NIV mask features interchangeable under-the-nose and over-the-nose cushions to achieve the benefits of mask rotation while using a single mask.

Addresses skin breakdown

Simple nose cushion replacement

By regularly rotating between over-the-nose and under-the-nose cushions, you can offload and redistribute pressure, which reduces the potential for skin breakdown. By replacing just the cushion, instead of the entire mask, you can improve workflow while reducing costs.
Aids efficient workflow

Adapts to different ventilators

The AF541 oro-nasal mask can be used in multiple settings, so there’s no need to replace the mask as your patients move between acute and sub-acute environments. Plus, the mask supports nebulizer treatments and bronchoscopy procedures, to help you continue NIV therapy without disruption.
Respironics headgear for comfort

Respironics headgear for comfort

CapStrap headgear provides stability and simplifies initial setup by keeping the mask in place while adjusting the straps. When you need to pause treatment for oral care and medications, the CapStrap headgear allows quick removal and simple reapplication. The mask is also compatible with traditional four-point headgear.
Supports hospital infection control

Supports hospital infection control

The exclusive Philips Clean Clip keeps the mask safe during shipping and while in your hospital storage. At the bedside, you can attach the Clean Clip to the ventilator, providing a convenient spot to store the mask while not in use.
Adjusts for patient comfort

Adjustable to meet patient needs

With the AF541 mask, you can tailor the fit and comfort to even your most challenging patients. The mask features a push-button forehead pad for easy adjustment, as well as four sizes of over-the-nose cushions and three sizes of under-the-nose cushions, so you can choose the most effective and comfortable option.
Accommodates a variety of elbows

Elbows that are easy to attach

Elbows click into place with sturdy push tabs, and release easily. The AF541 mask can be used with four elbows: EE Leak 1, EE Leak 2, SE and bronchoscopy.
Supports transitions of care

Supports transitions of care

The AF541 mask is intended for both hospital and home use. Your patients can take the mask they use in the hospital and convert it to work with their home care device. Along with their mask frame and cushion, patients receive a discharge kit with an amber EE Leak 2 elbow, three each of the CapStrap or four-point headgears, Swivel adaptor and instructions for home therapy.
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