Radiography upgrades and options
    SmartPath upgrades and trade-ins for radiography and fluoroscopy systems​

    SmartPath upgrades and trade-ins

    SmartPath for digital radiography and fluoroscopy offers you several options for assuring your Diagnostic X-ray systems are ready to take advantage of the latest technology. You can benefit from several clinical packages as well as latest cyber security solutions. Excellent trade-in programs for other systems puts our latest innovations in your hands.​

    Two doctors working in front of monitors

    Bone Suppression2

    • More confident image interpretation
    • Fully integrated into the Eleva Workflow
    • Immediate display on existing PACS viewer
    • No need for extra equipment

    Philips Bone Suppression2 is an innovative image enhancement technology. As an advanced, proven AI application it increases the clarity of adult erect chest radiographs by suppressing bones on digital images without the need for two exposures. This solution is integrated into the latest DigitalDiagnost C90 and CombiDiagnost R90 providing a soft tissue image for digital chest radiographs.

    Three doctors preparing the patient for operation

    SkyFlow Plus

    • Enjoy fast, smooth gridless workflow
    • Simple automatic operation for immediate results
    • Gridless workflow saves you time
    • Focus on your patients

    SkyFlow Plus provides computationally efficient scatter correction tailored to your individual patient, based on a collection of Monte Carlo simulation results (scatter kernels). Monte Carlo simulation is a technique which is commonly used in machine learning, a core part of AI, to estimate the probability of outcomes given various inputs, uncertainties and system dynamics. SkyFlow Plus reduces the effect of scattered radiation for non-grid exams, allowing you to obtain DR images with grid-like contrast while avoiding the time and effort of attaching and detaching a grid.

    Sustainability upgrade to Windows 10​

    Philips diagnostic X-ray is committed to helping you provide an excellent level of data security to your patients. The sustainability upgrade to Windows 10 offers state-of-the-art protection against vulnerabilities, including protection of patient data as well as system security across departments – keeping your systems safe and secure. Your installed radiography and fluoroscopy systems will benefit from sustainability upgrade package that includes Windows 10 operating system, new PC hardware and several new Eleva features to ease your workflow and improve serviceability of your systems.

    Sustainability upgrade to Windows 10

    Network and data security is increasingly important

    Highlights of the sustainability upgrade

    Improved security

    Windows image

    Windows 10 operating system

    • Windows 10 LTSB enterprise edition
    • Security patches support from Microsoft
    • Secure and safe system
    • Improved patient data security

    Excellent image quality

    Unique image

    UNIQUE 2 image processing

    • Reduced noise and artifacts
    • Second generation of image processing
    • Consistent image impression
    • Harmonized contrast
    • Enhanced details

    Easier workflow

    Eleva image

    Latest Eleva OS

    • Hard-disk drive encryption
    • Centralized users management
    • Remote software distribution and installation
    • Target and deviation index
    • Ability to give exposure on charging

    Upgraded hardware

    SSHD image

    Advanced new PC hardware and SSHD drive

    • Latest hard-disk and RAM storage
    • Encrypted storage on drive
    • Intel Core Processor

    Systems that offer the sustainability upgrade

    CombiDiagnost R90 Rel 1.0

    Combi diagnost

    MobileDiagnost wDR Rel 2.0/2.1

    Mobile diagnost

    Philips mShield

    Digitization in hospital environments continues to evolve to provide better healthcare for patients and improved workflow for operators. Personal, sensitive and confidential data travels from radiology systems throughout the hospital and back again. Securing this information and protecting it from malicious attacks is as vital as it is difficult.


    Use mShield to

    • Prevent malware replication over the network

    • Ensure equipment availability

    • Provide an additional layer of security

    Clinical packages for radiography and fluoroscopy systems3


    We are committed to strengthening our DXR portfolio by providing enhanced value to our new and Installed Base customers. The designed packages can enrich your installed system for specific areas of interest, based on your latest clinical needs. Please find more details about these valuable packages below

    Pediatric package

    Pediatric package

    Enjoy optimized pediatric functionality on your new or installed system with this package.

    Orthopedic package

    Orthopedic package

    The orthopedic package is designed to give you full orthopedic functionality on your CombiDiagnost R90.

    Chest optimization package

    Chest optimization package

    This package provides optimized chest imaging and diagnostic support on your new or installed system.

    DSA package

    DSA package

    With Philips Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), blood vessels can be visualized at UNIQUE image quality.

    Trade-in your outdated system


    Now you can stay ahead and profit from new Philips technology by trading in your seasoned radiology system for our latest innovation at attractive financial terms.4


    By taking advantage of this trade-in opportunity, you’ll enjoy:

    • New/additional revenue streams
    • Latest features
    • Enhanced workflow
    • Improved patient throughput
    • Enhanced X-ray dose management
    • Satisfied patients, clinicians, technologists

    Smartpath trade in

    We can make your trade-in experience easy! You’ll get an attractive, complete service package for your current system.

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    1 We embrace the following formal definition of AI (source: HLEG definition AI)
    ClearRead Bone Suppression by Riverain Technologies
    Not all packages are available for all DXR systems and package components vary per system. Windows 10 is a baseline requirement for any package.
    Certain requirements must be met and not all customers will qualify. Applicable for Philips Healthcare equipment only

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