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Patient Monitor

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

Allowing for greater patient ambulation, Philips IntelliVue Cableless Measurement solution provides NBP and SpO₂ data to help enhance care and aid mobilization of patients throughout your facility. Features small, lightweight devices.

Cableless devices || Improved patient mobility

Cableless devices free up patients and offer reliability

Gain greater freedom of movement and ambulation for patients while providing reliable and secure transfer of vital signs to the central station through the existing network infrastructure. Philips cableless devices can be used anywhere greater mobility is desired, such as in critical and intermediate care areas, medical-surgical and telemetry units, and during transport.
Secure transmission || Reliable monitoring

Secure transmission to support decision making

Philips small, lightweight cableless devices transmit vital signs information to a central nurse’s station via an IntelliVue patient monitor or telemetry transmitter to help clinicians with the early identification of deteriorating conditions.
Extra measurement features || Improved patient mobility

Extra measurement features extend monitoring capabilities

Add measurements beyond ECG, such as NBP and optional SpO₂, eliminating the need for an additional SpO₂ and NBP monitor. The solution uses short-range radio (SRR) so you can provide these capabilities without additional capital investment.
Rechargeable Li-ion battery || Reliable monitoring

Rechargeable Li-ion battery for long life

An integral rechargeable battery is designed for long life and an efficient use of resources, reducing the need to frequently order and dispose of batteries.
Small and lightweight || Improved patient mobility

Small and lightweight for enhanced patient comfort

The cableless measurement pods are easy to apply and easy to wear. Their lightweight design enhances patient comfort and does not interfere with the goals of treatment.
Cableless technology || Improved patient mobility

Cableless technology reduces cable clutter

Fewer measurement cables help enhance patient mobility by eliminating the wire between the SpO₂ and/or NBP sensor and the monitor, while also decreasing the potential hazard of clinical staff disconnecting the cables by accident.

IntelliVue Guardian enabling technology    

Automated early warning scoring (EWS)


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