MobileDiagnost wDR 2.1 Mobile digital X-ray system with sliding column

MobileDiagnost wDR 2.1

Mobile digital X-ray system with sliding column

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

The MobileDiagnost wDR with sliding column option offers excellent visibility making the system easy to drive and easy to park. This premium digital radiography system brings fast, high quality images to every area of the hospital.

Excellent visibility for easy access || 1

Excellent visibility for easy access

The robust, mobile system offers a sliding column that moves down and out of the way for a clear view of your surroundings. This clear field of vision allows for outstanding workflow, as maneuverability is enhanced when accessing challenging spaces in the OR, ER, ICU, and general ward.
Seamless workflow || 1

Seamless workflow

MobileDiagnost wDR allows for outstanding workflow with rapid availability of premium digital images. Small form factor, cable-free design, SkyPlate wireless portable detectors, SkyFlow technology, and only 3-clicks to complete an exam, all combine to speed you through your day.
Outstanding image quality || 1

Outstanding image quality

Superb, high contrast images are possible (without a grid) using SkyPlate detectors and SkyFlow technology. UNIQUE multi-resolution image processing and a 40Kw generator powerful enough to generate quality images for a broad variety of patient types, supports diagnostic confidence.
Light, portable, wireless detector || 1

Light, portable, wireless detector

SkyPlate compact, wireless, portable detectors offer superb image resolution and sensitivity with excellent dose efficiency. They are perfect for free exposures that challenge fixed detectors such as angulated projections and are available in small (1.6kg, 3.5lbs.), and large (2.8kg, 6.2lbs.) sizes.
Work fast and freely || 1

Work fast and freely

When you choose to use SkyFlow scatter correction technology, you can get rid of your anti-scatter grid for more than 60% of all common mobile exams such as chest, knee, abdomen, pelvis, hip, and more. You will work fast and freely, and avoid retakes caused by grid misalignment.
Hidden details revealed || 1

Hidden details revealed

UNIQUE image processing automatically delivers consistently uniform clinical image quality and enhanced detail for all anatomies by adjusting the balance between overexposed and underexposed areas. Image display can be customized to your individual preferences.
Rapid image availability || 1

Rapid image availability

It’s only 3-clicks to a completed exam and 6 seconds to a displayed image using the digital Eleva interface and workspot. Eleva’s pre-sets and customized user profiles enhance your work environment and promote strong workflow continuity.