Pinnacle³ Increased efficiency through faster calculations

Pinnacle³ 9.8

Increased efficiency through faster calculations

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

The role of dose computation speed in the treatment planning process is now more important than ever. As sophisticated techniques like VMAT grow in popularity, it has become evident that these advanced applications can require significant calculation power. Pinnacle³ 9.8 combines a new suite of speed enhancements, features, and stability improvements to improve your workflow and make the most of your latest system upgrades.

Increased dose computation speed || Reduced planning times

Speed increases up to 300%!

Pinnacle³ 9.8 achieves dramatically improved dose computation speeds – in some cases by more than 300%. The Collapsed Cone Convolution Superposition (CCCS) kernel has been re-factored to increase processor multi-threading. This results in faster dose calculation to maximize existing system hardware and future upgrades to Professional, Expert and SmartEnterprise systems. Pinnacle³ 9.8 increases speed independently of machine model or beam type, without changes to dose engine algorithms or accuracy, and without disruptions to your clinic or planning workflow.
High performance value || Increased treatment options

Improve your workflow

Pinnacle³ 9.8 improves speeds for all beam types (Static, Step & Shoot, etc.), while dose engines maintain the same algorithms and accuracy (CCC, Adaptive Convolve, Fast Convolve). Optimization time is reduced through improved convolution dose calculation speeds.
High-dose treatment support || Enhanced capabilities

Extended support and functionality

Pinnacle³ 9.8 adds extended support and functionality for High-Dose Mode with a new “High-Dose” tab in Pinnacle³ physics. Dose (MU) limits can now be set to correspond with TrueBeam systems, correct DICOM tags are automatically generated in RT-Plan export, and new warnings are added when High-Dose is enabled.
Auto-segmentation with SPICE improvem... || Enhanced capabilities

New applications, additions, and bug fixes

Auto-segmentation with SPICE has been enhanced with new structures, including contrast bladder. The nodal chain in the head and neck atlas has now been split into two groups to offer more flexibility.
DICOM enhancements || Enhanced capabilities

Resolve common support issues quickly

Upgrades include an integrated DICOM Analyzer to detect and resolve image issues and delete files from within LaunchPad, high-dose technique DICOM support, and a new alias feature to allow multiple DICOM destinations with the same AE title.