RTdrive MR Prostate

Driving speed and consistency from imaging to plan

RTdrive MR Prostate combines multiple elements including the Ingenia MR-RT platform, MR-only simulation, Auto-Contouring and Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning, and allows you to generate high-quality treatment plans for prostate with fewer manual steps. Thanks to intelligent automation you can create plans within 25 minutes¹ with minimal user input, saving valuable time and effort.

Growing caseloads, higher patient throughputs, and increasing pressure on resources mean driving efficiency is a challenge in today’s healthcare environments. The more time you can save on repetitive routine tasks, the more time you have for patients and to focus on value-added activities.


RTdrive MR Prostate combines a number of individual building blocks, covering the entire workflow from imaging to planning. Together, they can help you streamline and automate prostate planning workflows, while remaining firmly in the driver’s seat.



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