Advanced Molecular Imaging

Vereos Digital PET/CT

The world's first and only true digital PET/CT system

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The Philips Vereos PET/CT scanner with Digital Photon Counting will redefine PET imaging and mark a new era in clinical performance. In a recent survey¹, 9 out of 10 referring physicians prefer Vereos Digital PET images over analog².

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How does Philips Digital Photon Counting technology work?

The Vereos PET/CT with Philips proprietary Digital Photon Counting technology reduces the traditional tradeoffs between sensitivity gains and resolution gains. It positions you to go beyond the current limitations in PET/CT imaging and improve patient care. Visit the Digital PET Learning Center to learn more!


  • Find out how Philips proprietary Digital Photon Counting technology works
  • Scroll through the body scan to see the difference between analog* and digital PET images
  • See how your patients benefit


Explore the Digital PET Learning Center to learn more



Pioneering Perspectives: Experiences with the world’s first and only digital PET/CT  




Hear from early adopters of the Vereos digital PET/CT at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center about what it means to have a true partner in innovation.

Dr. Michael Knopp, MD, PhD, discusses partnering with Philips and how the Vereos digital PET/CT is a major leap in the advancement of PET imaging.


 " I look for a partner that is committed to the innovation we need."

Dr. Jun Zhang, PhD, DABR, shares why he personally believes that the Vereos digital PET/CT system is a game-changer in the field of Nuclear Medicine.


"I personally believe (this system) is going to change the world in the field of nuclear medicine."

Katherine Binzel, PhD, shares her overall enthusiasm for the Vereos digital PET/CT and ease of the workflow.



             " is the future of medicine."

Specifications Show all

Minimum Room Size
Exam room
Length 731.5 cm
Width 472.4 cm
Control room
Length 193 cm
Width 472.4 cm
Scanner Characteristics
Gantry dimensions
Length: 484.9 cm
Width: 220.3 cm
Height: 206.5 cm
4,211 kg
Key specifications
Detector design
Digital Photon Counting (DPC)
Number of PET detectors
PET timing resolution
325 ps FWHM
TOF localization accuracy
4.9 cm
PET effective sensitivity per cm
1,342 cps/MBq/cm
PET quantitative accuracy
+/- 5%