ESC 2017

cardiovascular care

ESC 2017 | Saturday 26 - Wednesday 30 August 2017 | Booth #H800 | Barcelona, Spain

Transforming healthcare

The world of healthcare is transforming. Four key trends are disrupting the health technology landscape. Global resource constraints, aging populations and the rise of chronic illnesses, increased consumer engagement and the digitization of healthcare are challenging the way we deliver value to providers, clinicians and consumers.

Toward seamless patient-centric care

We are supporting the transformation of healthcare by partnering with you to design innovative solutions and services that seamlessly connect people, data and technology to help manage health, not just illness. At Philips, we believe that we need to fundamentally change the way care is delivered. Our integrated solutions across the health continuum – from healthy living through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and home care put people at the center, enabling more personalized, higher quality, value-based healthcare. This will allow you to make more proactive decisions in a way that achieves better patient outcomes at lower costs, while improving the experience for both staff and patients.

Philips and TOMTEC - creating the future of cardiac ultrasound


Philips recently acquired TOMTEC, a leading provider of intelligent image analysis software, to further our commitment to automation and quantification in cardiac ultrasound

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ESC 2017 Ultrasound Satellite Symposium 
Sunday, August 27 2017, 12:45-13:45, Village 8 – Room Tripoli

How the latest echo advances are changing clinical practice

Leading worldwide experts will share insights on how developments in Live three-dimensional echo impact patient care and management. Our two panel discussions will focus on diagnostic and peri-interventional imaging, as well as illustrating case studies.

Chairpersons: Stephan von Bardeleben (Mainz, DE) – Jean Louis Vanoverschelde (Brussels, BE)