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The challenges facing health systems before the COVID-19 pandemic have come into even higher resolution. The crisis has become a catalyst for change – a defining moment for all of us to reimagine healthcare. 

The Philips Image Guided Therapy portfolio uniquely integrates best-in-class imaging with specialized devices to address some of healthcare’s most challenging situations.


We’re developing seamless solutions to help you decide, guide, treat and confirm the right care in real time and advance outcomes.


We continue to innovate evidence-based technologies, for more procedures, so more people can live the lives they love.


There’s always a way to make life better.

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CIRSE 2021
September 25-29

Thank you for visiting the virtual CIRSE 2020 summit. See you next year, September 25-29.

Supporting high quality care with the next leap in integration and 3D imaging 

Virtual Symposium

Saturday 12th September 13.00 –14.00


Delivering high quality care to patients with PVD in a lab with integrated intravascular imaging
Professor Rick de Graaf headshot

Prof. Rick de Graaf​

Chief of Radiology, Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Clinic of Friedrichshafen,
Friedrichshafen, Germany

Total table side control during IR emergency cases
Professor Hicham Kobeiter headshot

Prof. Hicham Kobeiter​

Chief of Radiology and Interventional Radiology,
Hopital Henri Mondor, Creteil, France


Prostatic Artery at the tip of your finger for a successful embolization
Professor Marc Sapoval headshot

Prof. Marc Sapoval​

Chief of  Interventional Radiology,
Hopital Europen George Pompidou, Paris, France


Atul Gupta headshot

Dr. Atul Gupta ​

Chief Medical Officer,​

Image Guided Therapy, Philips

Join the Philips Virtual Room to learn from and interact with the experts in your field

Join a live demo to discover our new generation Azurion and SmartCT

Seats are limited and on registration only

Sessions of interest

Saturday 12th September

14:30-15:30pm CET–FIRST @ CIRSE Livestream

Stellarex in the real world of fem-pop interventions:
1000 patients outcome

Dr. K. Stavroulakis

Saturday 12th September

17:30-18:30pm CET– Innovation Forum

Vascular disease understood from the inside: the role of IVUS.
Dr. Fabrizio Fanelli
Sunday 13th September

17:30-18:30pm CET – Virtual Round Table

Contemporary use of IVUS in PAD. Practical insights to inform treatment strategy.

Introducing next step in 3D imaging: Azurion 2.1 & SmartCT


smartct image


The SmartCT solution enriches our outstanding 3D interventional tools with clear guidance, designed to remove barriers to acquiring 3D images in the interventional lab.
emboguide image


EmboGuide with XperCT Dual provides the first workflow-based tool to guide detection and treatment of tumors and vessel feeders to multiple lesions. 
azurion image


XperGuide offers live 3D image needle guidance, letting you bring percutaneous needle procedures into the interventional lab. 
smartperfusion image


SmartPerfusion imaging technology provides interventionalists with an objective understanding of the impact of their treatment to help determine the outcome of perfusion procedures.  
peripheral image

See clearly with IVUS

When used in conjunction with conventional angiography, the Philips Visions PV digital IVUS catheter family provides additional information on vessel architecture and pathology to aid disease assessment, inform intervention decisions and confirm technical success.
atherectomy image

Personalise treatment with versatile atherectomy options

The Phoenix atherectomy system combines the benefits of front cutting and directional plaque excision to deliver a safe, simple and effective rotational atherectomy option. The Turbo-Power laser atherectomy system debulks the lesion in a single step and offers remote automatic rotation for precise directional control.
stellarex image

Treat safely with Stellarex

Stellarex drug-coated balloons enable physicians to use a lower therapeutic drug dose and achieve top-tier patency results. With demonstrated durability and predictability in a wide range of patients, Stellarex DCB offers a no-compromise solution for restoring and maintaining patency in the superficial femoral and popliteal arteries in patients with peripheral arterial disease.