MobileDiagnost Opta Mobile X-ray system

MobileDiagnost Opta

Mobile X-ray system

Εύρεση παρόμοιων προϊόντων

A powerful, lightweight and compact portable digital X‐ray machine optimized for all-round performance and fast return on investment.

Small form factor fits tight spaces || KBA 1

Small form factor fits tight spaces

Enjoy ease of mobility. Lighter in weight and more compact than motorized systems, MobileDiagnost Opta moves around challenging spaces in ORs, ERs, ICUs, and general wards with freedom and ease.
Only 3 clicks to exam completion || KBA 2

Only 3 clicks to exam completion

Our Eleva user interface provides all the tools and controls necessary for seamless procedures. Its pre-sets and customized user profiles enhance the work environment and promote workflow continuity.
Special APR controls include pediatri... || KBA 3

Special APR controls include pediatric settings

Built-in APR (anatomical programmed radiography) controls help achieve a high level of exposure accuracy by selecting filters based on anatomy and capturing quality images with effective dose management.
Exceptional price to performance bala... || KBA 4

Exceptional price to performance balance

MobileDiagnost Opta is an easy-to-own portable digital X-ray machine. Speed, power, performance, and affordability make it a good option for smaller clinics, hospital that require multiple mobile DR systems, or facilities looking for a single system to cover most application needs..
Quick repeatable exam quality with di... || KBA 1

Quick repeatable exam quality with digital detector

Durable 35cm x 43cm tethered detector with imaging area of 2304 x 2800 pixels can be positioned easily to cover region of interest and can withstand shocks and vibrations over a wide range of temperatures/humidity.
Supports a full range of procedure ty... || KBA 2

Supports a full range of procedure types

The high power of the MobileDiagnost Opta’s generator permits a short exposure time of 1ms to capture quality, low dose images during pediatric cases. All generator functionality is integrated into the Eleva workspot
Consistent diagnostic image quality || KBA 2

Consistent diagnostic image quality

Our UNIQUE image processing harmonizes contrast levels, highlights faint details, and adapts parameters to provide fine detail and wide image dynamics, while still maintaining a natural, artifact‐free appearance.