Interventional X-ray

Veradius Unity

Mobile C-arm with Flat Detector

When setting pedicle screws, a stent graft, or inserting a pacemaker lead, your X-ray system provides images to support confident decision making. We have re-defined teamwork during surgical imaging so you can experience a new level of efficiency in surgical procedures.

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X-ray generation
X-ray generator
Monoblock 80 KHz high frequency generator
X-ray tube
Rotating Anode (tube)
Maximum generator output
15 kW
Color coded, fully balanced
C-arc depth
73 cm/ 29 inch
Source Image Distance
99.3 cm/ 39 inch
+ 90 / - 50 °
Lowest lateral position
102.7 cm/ 40.4 inch
Flat detector
Flat detector
Trixell amorphous silicon detector
Matrix size
1560x1420 pixels
Detector Area
26.2 cm/ 10.3 inch x 26.2 cm/ 10.3 inch
Pixel pitch
184 µm