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ATOM Rabee Incu i model 102


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Optimal environments start with peace and quiet. The Rabee Incu I Model 102 incubator offers the calm and quiet that are so developmentally beneficial to your youngest patients.

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Low noise level || Supports a nurturing environm

Low noise level improves infant comfort

The Rabee Incu i Model 102 provides a calm, quiet environment that supports Developmental Care goals. It's simply serene at just 41 dBA.
Ergonomic design || Easy to use

Ergonomic design puts care within reach

The Rabee Incu i Model 102 is designed to give you the ergonomics and access to help you provide excellent care.
Gentle-drop doors || Supports a nurturing environm

Gentle-drop doors for undisturbed sleep

Unique side access through gentle-drop doors and side ports helps leave the infant undisturbed.
Movable screen || Easy to use

Movable screen is convenient to position

Movable screen is convenient to position.
Curtain of air || Supports a nurturing environm

Curtain of air helps maintain a constant temperature

To help maintain a constant temperature, a caring curtain of air prevents ambient air from entering the capsule.
Double lock system || Easy to use

Double lock system for extra security

Double lock system for extra security
Gentle-tilt mattress || Supports a nurturing environm

Gentle-tilt mattress allows precise positioning

The incubator's gentle-tilt mattress helps you find the best position for your infant patients. You can adjust the gentle-tilt mattress without opening the incubator.
Detachable components || Easy to use

Detachable components support easy maintenance

Components, including the humidifier, are easy to detach and easy to clean. The electrostatic filter can be changed with no tools required.