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ATOM Incu i incubator model 101


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The ATOM Incu i offers the caring environment of an incubator with state-of-the-art features. Its ergonomics and access help you create a caring environment for the tiniest patients.

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Low noise level || Supports a nurturing environme

Low noise level enhances infant comfort

The Incu i provides a calm, quiet environment that supports Developmental Care goals. It's simply serene at approximately 41 dBA.
Advanced design || Easy to use

Advanced design for comfortable and efficient care

The Incu i has an ergonomic design that supports efficient care. The mattress height can be lowered lovingly low to support family-centered Developmental Care. This allows even the youngest family members to easily reach the infant. The stoppable high-low feature helps avoid surrounding equipment.
External X-ray cassette tray || Supports a nurturing environme

External X-ray cassette tray minimizes disturbances

The tray can be accessed from either side of the incubator without opening the environment, allowing you to do X-ray examinations without disturbing your infant patient.
Clear and colorful display || Easy to use

Clear and colorful display to simplify monitoring

An intuitive touch control panel shows infant vital signs and information about the incubator environment, including humidity. The display can be mounted on either side of the incubator and offers intuitive operation for the information you need, when you need it.
Gentle-drop doors || Supports a nurturing environme

Gentle-drop doors for uninterrupted sleep

Unique side access through gentle-drop doors and side ports help leave the infant undisturbed.
Curtain of air || Supports a nurturing environm

Curtain of air helps maintain a constant temperature

To help maintain a constant temperature, a caring curtain of air prevents ambient air from entering the capsule.
Double lock system || Easy to use

Double lock system for extra security

Double lock system for extra security.
Gentle-tilt mattress || Supports a nurturing environm

Gentle-tilt mattress allows precise positioning

The incubator's gentle-tilt mattress helps you find the best position for your infant patients. You can adjust the gentle-tilt mattress without opening the incubator.
Detachable components || Easy to use

Detachable components support easy maintenance

Components, including the humidifier, are easy to detach and easy to clean. The electrostatic filter can be changed with no tools required.
Adjustable alarm volume || Easy to use

Adjustable alarm volume to reduce disturbance

The alarm volume is designed to be adjustable, to alert caregivers with minimal disturbance to the baby.
Excellent visibility || Easy to use

Excellent visibility, even during humidification

Excellent visibility, even during humidification.