Wearable biosensor

Wireless remote sensing device

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Philips wearable biosensor provides a convenient and comfortable way to keep watch of patients in need of frequent monitoring. This self-adhesive biosensor automatically and continuously measures vital signs, body posture and step count, and detects falls.

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Sensor technology
ECG electrodes
Detects heart rate
3-axis MEMS accelerometer
Detects motion
Detects skin temperature
Form factor
1mm x 36mm x 8mm
12g, with integrated sensor module
Gentle Grade
Silicone adhesive,
recommended for low activity,
low perspiration and low humidity levels
Active Grade
Hydrocolloid adhesive,
recommended for moderate to high activity,
moderate perspiration and moderate humidity levels
Zinc air battery (disposable with device)
Up to 4 days

IntelliVue Guardian enabling technology    

Automated early warning scoring (EWS)


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