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PAP travel briefcase

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The PAP travel briefcase* gives patients an all-in-one carrying option that accommodates most PAP therapy systems and humidifiers, a laptop, and other small items. It makes it easy and efficient to travel with a sleep therapy system.

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Easy for airport screening process || Easy airport screening process

A powerful, discreet combination

The travel briefcase features two bags that conveniently zip together into one carry-on. The therapy system and accessories fit snugly and securely into customizable compartments on one side of the case.
Easy to use || Stylish and discreet; professi

Great for your laptop and accessories

The laptop and its accessories fit securely into the ample-sized pockets of the other side. There’s even space for books, magazines, and other small travel items.
Plenty of storage space || Easily transported alone or wi

Excellent features for travel

Each side of the travel case is organized with compartments to protect the sleep therapy system and accessories. Its zip top facilitates an easy airport screening process and fits within the FAA maximum carry-on size. The lightweight case offers easy portability and is designed to easily attach to a roller suitcase.


Product details
Product details
  • PAP travel case with zip on laptop case
Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment
  • Accommodates most sleep therapy devices
Use with Non-Philips Healthcare Equipment
  • Yes
Product Category
  • Sleep therapy
Product Type
  • Sleep therapy accessories
CE certified
  • Not applicable
  • 16.14” w (40.99 cm) x 13.58” h (34.49 cm) x 7.87” d (19.99 cm)
  • Black
Ordering information
  • PAP travel briefcase, PN1114784
  • *DreamStation, mask, power supply and tubing not included.