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Healthcare anywhere
Care delivery model harnessing technology to provide care remotely in appropriate settings, including in the patient’s home and within the patient’s community.

Digital Transformation / Cloud / HealthSuite

Digital transformation
Healthcare organizations can future-proof their operations and advance their ability to build a holistic patient picture and streamline care delivery.
Business model innovation value based care
As health systems face stronger cost pressure, consolidations and the shift from fee-for-transaction to fee-for-outcome, new technologies can help improve the quality of care. Collecting data generated by different departments and care settings or from multiple vendors, is key for supporting value-based care.

Healthcare Consumerization

Healthcare consumerization
Consumerization of healthcare is about the changing role of consumers (patients) from being a reactive recipient of care to playing a more proactive role in managing their own health, deciding their insurance plans, being better informed about the choices available and demand more quality of service.
Precision care medicine
Patient care designed to support efficiency or therapeutic benefit for particular groups of patients, providing medical team the tools to understand complexities of care, and help care teams understand which treatments work best.

Care Collaboration

Care collaboration
Philips Care Collaboration Suite provides a collaborative approach using Philips’ solutions to support data and workflows to help you deliver enhanced and efficient care to the right patient, in the right setting and at the right time.

Medical Device Integration and Clinical Surveillance

Medical device integration and clinical surveillance
I would like to receive additional information on Capsule’s Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP).
I would like to receive more information on Holter patch technology and services from BioTelemetry, a Philips company.

Philips Capital Innovative Financing Solutions

Philips Capital Innovative Financing Solutions
I would like to receive additional information or connect with Philips Capital experts regarding telehealth and healthcare informatics financing solutions.

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